Dealer & Delivery

First published on 22nd October 2021

 It’s about time I mentioned about the dealer who I bought my NIU UQi GT Pro from.

I bought it from Eco-Move in Bristol – their website is here 

I cannot recommend them highly enough – they have been brilliant.

Why did I choose a dealer so far away?

The main two reasons were – they had the bike I wanted, and they offered part-exchange on my old bike (the SYM Joyride).

The part exchange offered was at the upper end of what I was expecting – all they needed was the details of the machine and a few phone-photos. We agreed a price over the phone within minutes.

Delivery was included in the price I paid (I’m not sure if that’s standard, or I’m the Special One) – and delivery was within 10 days. The only delay in delivering the machine was getting the registration done through the DVLA.

I paid a deposit (£200 as I remember) by bank transfer on the day I placed the order.
Then I set up a bank transfer for the balance – after PEx – for a couple of days before delivery. This was a mistake. I couldn’t get the registration details until Eco-move had received the balance, and I couldn’t insure the bike until I’d got the registration details. If I’d known about this, I’d have transferred the balance a bit sooner.

It was a bit disappointing not to be able to make any of the payments by card.
Using a credit card, if only for the deposit, would have given me a bit more peace of mind when dealing with an unknown company (section 75 protection). In their defence, Eco-Move said they’d had a cyber-attack that had rendered their card machine inoperable. 

On the day of delivery I was promised that the bike would leave Bristol at about 10am, and be with me about 1pm. 
True to his word, Simon arrived on schedule, and unloaded the bike from his van (after accepting a coffee, and use of the ‘facilities’).
I’d already put my SYM on the drive and he gave it, and its paperwork, a once over. Everyone being happy, he gave me a quick introduction to my NIU, and answered my stupid questions.

Simon was very enthusiastic about the NIU range, and very knowledgeable about motorbikes in general. It was a pleasure talking with him.

I’d preloaded the NIU app on my Android phone, and while Simon was loading my SYM in his van I paired it with the bike using the QR code in the handbook. Very easy.

I thought it as well to take the new bike for a quick spin round the block……
“Simon – what’s this red light on the dash?”
“Oh, er, oh – that’s the Error 99 I was talking about – the battery error”

We discussed that the pairing might have introduced the error, perhaps forcing a firmware update to the bike. It’s a good job he was still here.

Much disconnecting & reconnecting of the battery without success. In the end, disconnecting the battery and watching the word go by for about 5-7 minutes and then reconnecting the battery worked. No error code, and I was good to go.

So was Simon.
A very satisfactory experience.