Delivery & First Rides

First published on 13th October 2021

 Yay! It’s been delivered!

I’ll post about the dealer and the service later.

The bike was unloaded and set up – 100% battery charge, all good. I did the ‘binding’ thing with the app, and was just about to go for a quick spin before the delivery guy left, and I noticed the battery display was blank and I had a red light on the dash…….

This was the dreaded ‘error 99’ fault, which required a lot of battery disconecting, reconnecting, restarting, waiting – and hey presto! it’s gone. It might have been the binding, and a firmware update that did it.

The biggest first impression was the silence – there’s (obviously) no audio feedback from the engine, no vroom. This is a bit disconcerting when starting the thing up.

The next thing I noticed was the harsh suspension – this isn’t a bike for long distance comfort. The ride isn’t ‘bad’ but there’s a lot of feedback from the road surface. While it’s sure footed (probably more so than my SYM) it feels nervous, or maybe that’s me!

Another quirk – which I had been warned about – is the fact that you MUST completely release the brakes before accelerating, this sounds obvious, but if you don’t the motor just won’t respond. And let me say – that it is embarrassing!

The headlight is great. The dash display is very good – there’s a lot of detail on there, bit the main elements are very clear. The ride height is very good for me, but the stand-over height might be too great if you are much shorter than me (I’m 5’10”).
There’s no weather protection for your legs, and no screen – I’ll wait and see how those work out.

In busy traffic in suburban Leicester 28mph was plenty, and filtering around traffic was a joy. Acceleration was adequate, but not, maybe, as swift as I’d been expecting- there was none of the embarrassment I used to get with my Tomos!

The rear seat is removed very easily – two cross head screws underneath and it’s off. There’s a plate underneath with fixings for a box – and I’ve ordered a generic box from eBay.

All good, and I’m happy!