Lugging the Luggage

First published 14th December 2021

As mentioned before I wasn’t impressed with the carrying ability of the NIU UQI GTi Pro – so I decided to get a top box (as they used to be called).

I’d already removed the rear seat (two screws and it slides off), so fixing it don’t look to be a problem as there was a pre-drilled plate there that I assumed had industry standard spacing.

I decided on a generic 46 litre carry box from eBay which was eventually delivered (long story) – and it’s huge! On the bike it looked comically big at first, but it removes easily and will be big enough for everything I’ll ever need to carry.

Fitting it wasn’t straightforward. The rear seat grab rail curves slightly upward over the rear light, so when the box is fitted (on its plate) directly to the mounting on the bike it is impossible to open, or remove, the box. So – the trick is to use spacers under the mounting plate (above the bike’s own mounting) to raise the mounting plate up by about 2cm. This gives enough height so that the box can be opened – the latch still fouls the grab rail, but it works.

Next problem – noise!
The bike is so quiet that the gubbins in the box was rattling around making a dreadful racket. I’ve solved that with a pad of foam cut to the size of the inside of the box. 

Next problem – stickers!
The plastic that the box is made of does not grab the adhesive of my chosen vinyl stickers……

I’ve also bought off of eBay a cargo net which I’ve attached over the inside front of the footwell – this is incredibly handy for carrying small bags, and pieces of shopping when I don’t want to faff around opening the box.

All in all these two additions have made me much more content with the machine.