Second ride – thoughts & musing

First published on 14th October 2021

 I used a job I’ve got to do where I volunteer as an excuse for another ride today.

It was three and a half miles each way, with a stop for shopping on the way back.

Yesterday, I mentioned the ride quality – and I wonder if the ‘nervousness’ I talked about from the bike relates to a higher centre of gravity for the machine than I’m used to. Certainly I feel as though I’m sitting ON the bike not IN it, as I did with the SYM.

The mirrors are daft – yes they give a view behind, but only just, and when slightly out of position they lose their target – maybe I’m too wide!

I haven’t quite got the parking sequence yet – I’m always setting the alarm off while securing the machine. This will take a bit of practice methinks.
I’ve got the app to send me an alert every time the alarm goes off.(And, I’ve set the dash clock to local, as opposed Beijing, time through the app).

It doesn’t seem to be possible to change the indicator tone – as is feasible on other NIU models. It’s a very odd noise, but effective.

I’ve hit the problem of carrying stuff. I took a few things to my volunteering in a rucksack that I secured to the bag hook – this worked pretty well until I got the the shop for groceries.

I stuffed a cloth tote back with as much as I could and hung that on the bag hook, and the rest went in the rucksack (see  ) which I put on my back. It worked, but only just. I couldn’t have carried any more.
As noted earlier I’ve ordered a top box, and this will help enormously.