Wet, wet, wet!

First published on 20th October 2021

I’ve taken the NIU on a couple more rides and today was intended to be a ride up to my doctor’s surgery and back. But it rained!

The rain had nicely gathered in droplets on the seat and was easily brushed off – helmet on, key pressed, green button pressed, brake lever in – no green GO light…. try again, nothing. and again…..
Eventually the penny dropped – the kick stand was down. Away I went.

I parked it at the surgery in a ‘non-parking’ space where I’d seen a staff bike before, and went in for my appointment. That’s when it started raining – not just any old rain, this was a biblical downpour. 
As I came out into the waiting room, there was a ‘proper biker’ there (you know the type full leathers and a mean look!) and we commiserated each other on the weather. He was interested in the NIU and I told him my reasons for getting it – and far from being dismissive or ridiculing the bike he was interested and could see this type of machine as a good urban machine.

As the rain was easing off (famous last words) I decided to go for a bit of a ride. This involved going through a new development where there are a lot – and I mean a lot – of speed bumps. The NIU coped with these pretty well at 21-22mph, but the Mode 1 seemed just far too slow.

Then the rain started again.

I was heading for a ‘fast’ 40mph road – which is a feeder for the M1 / M69 junction, and part of the outer Leicester Ring Road. In heavy rain.

Actually it wasn’t too bad – I had a bit of a tailback behind me, but by the time I got to the lights further on, I’d caught up with the two cars that had passed me as I’d joined this road on the slip road. And – I set the cruise control for the first time.

The next bit of road was one I was dreading even more. This was a 40mph road with a bus lane (and no permission for motorcycles to use the lane) – so I was out in the ‘middle’ of the road with a lane to my left. Again, it wasn’t too bad – the car behind me wasn’t closing in on me. All good so far.

As I got home the rain stopped – of course! I was drenched, but curiously my feet weren’t too wet – I wonder if the front mudguard is giving a disproportionate amount of weather protection?

The NIU Breakdown Cover documents arrived today. This is an added benefit that seems to me to be very valuable, and not promoted by NIU or their UK dealers. It’s managed by ‘The Motoring Organisation. who seem to do a lot of breakdown and warranty insurance products for dealers and manufacturers. It appears to be very generous in its terms, and seems to extend to flat battery issues out on the road – and that’s a big thumbs up!

I’ve had a problem getting the top box from my eBay seller – he’s just delivered it in person – so lets try and fit it, now the sun’s out!