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  • Dealer & Delivery

    First published on 22nd October 2021  It’s about time I mentioned about the dealer who I bought my NIU UQi GT Pro from. I bought it from Eco-Move in Bristol – their website is here https://eco-move.co.uk/  I cannot recommend them highly enough – they have been brilliant. Why did I choose a dealer so far away? The main two […]

  • Second ride – thoughts & musing

    First published on 14th October 2021  I used a job I’ve got to do where I volunteer as an excuse for another ride today. It was three and a half miles each way, with a stop for shopping on the way back. Yesterday, I mentioned the ride quality – and I wonder if the ‘nervousness’ […]

  • Anyone on two wheels worries about security

    First published 10th October 2021  Anyone on two wheels worries about security. Bicycle theft is a huge problem, and there are continual worries for motorcycle,  motor scooter and moped riders as well. There are multiple security options for the riders of two wheeled machines, and some of these are common to all of the above. […]