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  • Zen or not zen?

    I’ve done quite a few miles on the NIU now and decided that there’s a mindset needed if I’m going to enjoy riding it. 28mph is a good speed on an empty road, and often it’s plenty fast enough to keep up with urban traffic which is crawling from one set of traffic lights to […]

  • Lugging the Luggage

    First published 14th December 2021 As mentioned before I wasn’t impressed with the carrying ability of the NIU UQI GTi Pro – so I decided to get a top box (as they used to be called). I’d already removed the rear seat (two screws and it slides off), so fixing it don’t look to be […]

  • Anyone on two wheels worries about security

    First published 10th October 2021  Anyone on two wheels worries about security. Bicycle theft is a huge problem, and there are continual worries for motorcycle,  motor scooter and moped riders as well. There are multiple security options for the riders of two wheeled machines, and some of these are common to all of the above. […]

  • On Design : Form & Function

    First published 8th October 2021  Go on – imagine a motor scooter. What comes to mind? I’ll wager it looks like a classic Vespa or Lambretta. Now – imagine a motorbike. What do you see?It’s probably a racing bike, or a police BMW. Go on – try thinking of a moped. Hard isn’t it?If you’re of a certain age […]